Become a NICRO Ambassador

become a NICRO ambassador

To be a NICRO ambassador is to be someone who is willing to give up their personal time and support to aid a cause that you feel is important. If you would like to be a NICRO ambassador, you don’t only have to donate your money, you can also voluntarily give of your time to help those in need.

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What We Need You To Do

Different NICRO offices have different needs which change and vary over time. Your local office may need someone to help with a big office spring-cleaning or painting. Other suggested projects for Ambassadors include:

  • Collecting items on the NICRO Wishlist from your friends, colleagues and family
  • Helping a NICRO office redecorate. This would have a huge positive impact on staff morale etc. Ambassadors could then help in sourcing donated paint, plants and other items.
  • Collecting and donating magazines for the office reception area
  • Collecting and donating items for a small play corner in the reception area
  • Gathering a team of friends and colleagues to have a fun run / walk to raise money for your local NICRO office

Professional Ambassadors

Our social workers often need to access other professional services such as doctors, psychiatrists and clinical psychologists for their clients. The majority of our clients cannot access these services due to costs. If you are a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, you might consider donating a fixed number of hours per month / year to NICRO where you would see a NICRO client for free.

For further details contact your nearest NICRO office to enquire about their volunteer needs and to suggest activities you would like to become involved in.

Types of Ambassadors Work at NICRO

The bulk of NICRO’s activities take place during working hours. This does, unfortunately, reduce the possibility of employed people volunteering at NICRO. Examples of the kinds of volunteer work one could do at NICRO is as follows

  • Administrative help
  • Mentoring
  • Assistance with fundraising
  • Assisting with aftercare and tracking of clients

General Ambassadors may not work directly with clients by providing counselling or programmes.


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